Tervetuloa the Finniot -blogiin! 

Nimeni on Josef Konderla, and I am a British copywriter living in Helsinki. I speak with a British accent, mention the weather forecast in almost every conversation and I do not tan well. 

“So why are you writing a blog about Finland?” I hear you cry!

I can answer that question with one word: Love!

When I was a ten-year-old child, I saw the country of Finland glowing on my light-up globe and thought of it as some far-away magical land of snow and mythical creatures. Hanging high over my home country, separated from me by the harsh waters of the North Sea and curving up towards the arctic circle, Finland really seemed like another world that only the bravest explorers would dare to tread.

Fast forward 14 years and I learned that I could get to the mythical land by paying £120 for a two-hour flight to take me to the culturally rich, forward-thinking and tech-savvy capital of Helsinki. 

I learned two things when I landed in Finland.

1.    Finland IS as beautiful as I imagined
2.    I was a really dumb kid!

Now I have made Finland my home, met a lot of beautiful and wonderful Finnish people, and have even learned some of the Finnish language.

I may understand more about Finland than that child who looked at the mythical country on his globe, but the sense of magic and wonder has never left me! And if you think Finland is magical too, then we will get along very well!

Welcome, my Finniot friend! 

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