5 proven ways to beat the winter blues

Finnish winter has been branded as the season of magic, reindeer rides and visits to Father Christmas’ house. While this image may work well for tourists, the reality is that months of black, freezing nights and dark, icy mornings drag many of us down. 

Here are a few ways to get through it. 

Go somewhere warm

I’ll start off with the least practical option first. If you can fly somewhere warm in the dark months, then do it. A few days in a more temperate climate will give you a boost of vitamin D while raising your serotonin levels. Also, looking forward to a sunny break will get you through the bleak days. 


Getting your sweat on is a great way to perk up. In fact, a study from Harvard Medical School is one of many that proves the benefits of hitting the gym. When it comes to how much exercise you need, most health authorities say that 150 minutes a week is good enough. A few jumping jacks at home, some winter walks and some dumbbell lifts are all you need. 

Get some vitamin D 

The sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D. This essential nutrient keeps our bones healthy, reduces the risk of the flu and even helps prevent some types of cancer. So it’s little wonder that our bodies put up a fight when we’re not getting enough of it. If you find yourself feeling depressed, fatigued or generally run down this winter, you may be low on vitamin D. If that’s the case, it’s time to stock up. Foods such as tuna, eggs, chicken, salmon and milk, are all rich in vitamin D. Then there are vitamin D supplements, which give you an extra boost when taken with a proper diet. 

Get some fresh air 

Finland is home to the world’s cleanest air, so let’s make the most of it. Taking a short walk in crisp winter air can chase those blues away, and help you get a good night’s sleep. And the benefits don’t end there. Fresh air can also decrease levels of anxiety and lowers the rates of many neurological diseases. 

Speak to a professional

Feeling flat in the winter months is normal. But for some people, the darker months can trigger or exacerbate clinical depression. If you find that the winter blues are affecting everyday life, then chat to a trained mental health professional. They can offer the best treatment and support. Giving Mental Health Finland a call or visiting their website is a great place to start.  

Winter in Finland may not be all reindeer rides and snowy walks. But by following the above steps, you may find your winter experience to be a breeze. And remember, you can warm up in one of Finland's 3 million saunas. Check out their amazing qualities here

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