5 inspiring Finnish sayings the world needs to read right now

COVID-19 came out of nowhere to shake the world in an unprecedented way. But as the old Persian adage goes, “all things must pass.”

And when it comes to waiting for the storm to clear, Finland has years of experience, so let’s get through these tough times by remembering five wise and inspiring Finnish sayings.

A little bit of Finnish sisu can take you far.

Keep going through tough times, as every problem will be solved in the end.

When you’re overwhelmed with worry, take a nap and work things out with a rested mind.

There’s no sense in worrying about things you can’t control.

Add a dash of bravery to your sisu and make good things happen.

The world may be a scary place right now, but age-old wisdom and positivity will get us through the dark days. Hang in there.

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