I spent 10 minutes in a Helsinki shop and saw over 30 Moomin related products

Moomins are as iconic to Finland as coffee or casual nakedness. The cute white trolls attract our attention and make us feel warm inside, which makes us more likely to buy products that bare their adorable faces. Perhaps that’s the reason companies pay so much for the Moomin image, and how the Moomin brand earns over 500 million euros a year in licencing alone.

Just check out how many Moomins I saw on a 10-minute walkabout in a Helsinki supermarket.

1. Moomin Fiskars scissors

Two iconic Finnish brands for the price of one.

2. Snorkmaiden colouring pencils

You would think they'd put more than one white pencil in this set.

3. Nordqvist Moomin Tea

"the best moment of the day", the green one "adventurer's snack" and the red one "everything fun is good for your stomach".

4. Moomin House jug

I always feel guilty about flooding the Moomin house while using this one.

5. Moomin plates

Plates are sold with the same print as the iconic Moomin mugs.

6. Moomin Table Candles

Melting Moomin faces AHHHHHHHH!!!

7. Moomin Glass bottles

Perfect for Moomin soda.

8. Moomin shaped cookies

Not made with real Moomins.

9. More Moomin shaped cookies

Neither are these!

10. Moomin honey

I had no idea that Moomins also made honey. Maybe they paid off Moomin house with honey money?

11. Moomin hot chocolate powder

Tastes as sweet as a Moomin.

12. Moomin coffee

The most Finnish thing you'll ever see.

13. Moomin cereal

A cute way to start your day.

14. Moomin sodas

The red on is forest berry flavoured and the purple one is blueberry raspberry. Everybody likes the red one more!

15. Moomin kitchen tissues

Moomins like getting wet.

16. Moomin musical instruments

It takes years of practice to master the Moomin triangle.

17. Moomin glass lanterns

Moomins always light up my day.

18. Moomin knitting yarn

This is how baby Moomins are made.

19. Moomin embroidery

Now you can carry your Moomin around all day.

20. Moomin kids' champagne

Moomins love to party.

21. Moomin can coolers

And enjoying a cold one.

22. Moomin vitamins and omega3 tablets

But they also look after their health.

23. Moomin plasters

And they know first aid.

24. Moomin hairbrushes

This is how Snorkmaiden looks so good.

25. Moomin toiletry bags

Take the Moomins on your travels.

26. Moomin suitcases

This is how people know you're boarding a flight to Helsinki.

27. Moomin xylitol mints

Moominpappa didn't get a girl like moominmamma by having bad breath.

28. Moomin thermometers

Here's how the Moomins know when to hibernate

29. Moomin bedding

And they cuddle under this all winter.

30. The Moomin mugs - of course!!

It wouldn't be a trip to a Helsinki store without Moomin mugs.

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