Cool Contemporary Art at the Kiasma Gallery

Breathtaking Architecture

The Kiasma Contemporary Art museum’s striking architecture is designed to absorb natural light and to encourage visitors to be at one with themselves.
Steven Holl, The architect behind the masterpiece, was influenced by the unique and varied levels of natural light in Finland. This desire to let in the sun can be seen in the design of the museum lobby, which has a high glass ceiling and white spiraling staircases situated behind large windows.

Great design is seen even before entering an exhibition. Upon walking the stairs, visitors are treated to breathtaking views of Helsinki. The stripped classical Finnish Parliament building and the national romantic-style tower of the National Museum of Finland make post-card like views, and if you visit at dusk, you will be treated to a striking pink sky when the sun sets into the Gulf of Finland.
 Those walking outside the museum also benefit from the natural Finnish light, as the metallic facade of the museum reflects bright afternoon sun, and fills the city street with a calm orange glow at sunset.

Nervescape VIII Exhibition

Beginning on 08.02.2019 and ending on 15.09.2019, the Nervescape exhibition allows visitors to touch and embrace large tangles of “hair” that hang from the galleries ceiling.

A creative with an interest in neuroscience, Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, aka Shoplifter, designed the hair to resemble nerve cells in the brain. She uses striking colours to evoke feelings of happiness and excitement in all those who view and feel the colourful material.

I think the artist achieved her aim, as viewing the vibrant colours and touching the artist’s work made me feel very happy and free. Everybody I saw there from aged 0-99 looked happy too, and my girlfriend (pictured above) called the experience  a "perfect date." It was a perfect date, too!
The relaxing environment makes it easy to lose track of time. Hours can be spent laying in one of the many comfortable beanbags just thinking about life and enjoying the moment. Few places in a major city offer that sense of calm and opportunity to reflect.

Located on Mannerheiminaukio, a few meters from Helsinki central station, the exhibition makes a perfect activity for adults and children. Admission for adults is 15 €, while kids get in free and students pay 13 €.

Your soul will thank you for spending 15 € on this experience, but if you’re short on cash, you can still have a transcendent experience on the first Friday of every month, when admissions to Kiasma are free.

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